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  From: Raul Dias <>
  To  : David Harris <>
<> Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 19:13:36 -0300

Re: List active?

>Raul Dias <> wrote:
>> Is this list active? I am asking this because I have seen just a few
>> posts in the archieve in the website.
>You are the first to post since I setup the list.
>> Is there anywork on the patch? The patch is against imap-4.6. Was there
>> any development over it after this published patch?
>I haven't done any development since the published patch. I haven't even
>upgraded my IMAP server since that. I have been reliably using it in
>production since the patch was created.

I updated it to imap-2000c.  But I still have some doubts about the original
patch that I have to understand before saying it works. (I will post it in a separated

>> I found out about it yesterday, when looking for a better way to handle
>> virtual domains within imapd (and pop3d). And it is, so far, the best
>> idea to do it.
>Yes, that's what I'm using the patch for: allowing each virtual domain
>customer to have their own namespace of mailboxes. You can see this in the
>code of the included vpop__userauthen function.
>The logic works like this: If the username has a special prefix, it is taken
>to be a virtual mail user. I then lookup the ipaddress the user connected to
>(TCPLOCALIP) in VPOP__IPUSERDB_FILENAME. This gives me the home directory of

So, you do rely in having an IP address for each domain?

>their virtual hosting account. From here I lookup the username in a
>per-virtual-hosting-account password file, which gives me the virtual e-mail
>user's mail directory and their encoded password. Their password is then
>checked against the encoded value and the user's access information is

-Raul Dias

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