imap-maildir: help using the patch command

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1. Help using the patch command

Not everyone knows how to use the patch command to apply these patches. (Heck, first time I patched the Linux kernel it took me waaay too long to figure out the patch man page and what to do.) So, here is a quick guide to applying these patches.

This assumes you have downloaded the files into /usr/src and you will be building the server in /usr/src/imap-4.5.

    $ cd /usr/src
    $ gunzip -c imap-4.5.tar.gz | tar xf -
    $ cd imap-4.5
    $ gunzip -c ../imap-4.5-maildir980721.drhfu.patch.gz | patch -p1
    $ patch -p1 < ../imap-4.5-qmail.patch
    $ patch -p1 < ../imap-4.5-createproto.patch
    $ patch -p1 < ../imap-4.5-mdirlist.patch
    $ patch -p1 < ../imap-4.5-maildir980721-rename.patch
    $ patch -p1 < ../imap-4.5-maildir980721-delete.patch
Then build the server.

Consult the README and docs/BUILD files to get you going on building the server.